I always tailor my services to fit my clients’ needs, but I know that it helps to get a general idea of what I offer. You can take a look at my services below.

A lot of my client work is confidential and not published under my name (ghostwritten), however I encourage you to check out my portfolio for sample pieces.

If you’re looking for cheap content that simply fills space on a web page, I’m not the gal for the job.

You could partner up with any writer on freelancing sites who can hammer out a bunch of words for you at an embarrassingly low rate, but the thing is, any writer who’s willing to write for peanuts won’t care much at all about what those words can do for you and your business.

I work with clients not just to simply produce content for them, but to produce content that gets them results.

Long story short: I don’t bill for time — I bill for value.


Custom SEO Content

The leading way to gain SEO rankings and attract visitors is to create thorough blog content.

Studies show content that surfaces to the top are either optimised for SEO or for brand awareness.

Short-form content is for building thought leadership within an industry.

Long-form content is for SEO rankings and generating website traffic.

So, with these two key directions, here’s a list of blog content by word count.

Whether you need short blog posts, or lengthy and in-depth analyses running over 2,500 words, I’m happy to dive right into it.

Content ranging from 250 words to 2,500 words

  • Includes essential research

  • Includes SEO keyword use in the headline, first paragraph and the main content

  • Includes up to three full edit requests if they’re needed

Exclusive Content

Every content I write for you is yours to distribute as you please. Full rights are granted so you can rebrand and publish it on your website or blog; use it in your newsletter; post it to your social media accounts; etc.

After receiving the details of your order, I’ll give you a firm start and completion date. The turnaround can be as little as 2 -7 days depending on the type of content.

Here’s a general breakdown of what I can offer you to help you get more results.

Snippet Posts: 250 to 300 or 300-450 words

The Best Use of This Content:

This is Ideal for keeping your blog and/or social media accounts updated frequently.

Short Form Blog Content: 400-600 words or 600-800 words

Best Use of This Content:

This type of content is good for building thought leadership within an industry. If it’s for an existing audience you want to communicate with, (say in newsletters) it may not require keywords.

It could also be used in the form of article or SEO blog content for websites and blogs.

Such content gets to the point quickly and engages readers who do not have a ton of time. It keeps a direct focus on the topic giving an attractive overview. Plus it’s very mobile-friendly.

You can present them with headers, subheaders, bullet points, in listicle format, traditional format or something else entirely. Their word count is long enough to help your content rank well in SEO.

Long-form Foundational Content: 800 – 1000 words or 1000 -1,200 words

The Best Use of This Content:

This helps you to dive into a topic in a bit more detail. They are a good length to be reader-friendly. Plus, this length helps devote special attention to a topic so that you can make your article/blog unique and valuable to readers.

With lists, bullet points, and headers, they can be informative and engaging.

Statistics show that this content length helps rank highly and so helps in more page views.

This content length, when found on your site, forms the very foundation of your site; giving potential customers all the information they need to make an informed decision on a topic. Over time, it cements your reputation as an industry expert.

Long Form Comprehensive Content: 1,500 – 2000 words or 2000 -2500 words

Long-form comprehensive content is for SEO rankings and generating website traffic.

This is excellent to give a unique value to your readers and potential customers.

It can be a way to showcase your expert in-depth knowledge.

For example, you could use this as a how-to, explaining in detail how someone could create a terrace garden or you could run a question-and-answer column or post excerpts of an e-book.

As long as the navigation is intuitive, this content length can be easy to read, from any device.
Longer articles are better for ranking highly and presenting readers with the depth of a topic.

So, how ’bout it?

Check out my portfolio for some of my samples or shoot me an email if you’re ready to chat.